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Systosoft designs, builds and maintains SharePoint solutions for ISVs, SMEs and fortune corporations. Our SharePoint dedicated team strives to produce sleek solutions that help in smooth running of your enterprise.


SharePoint is a browser based application with integration to Microsoft Office; primarily sold as a document management and storage system, the product also serves diverse purposes that are highly configurable. Its usage varies substantially between organizations.

At Systosoft, we aim at leveraging complete features of SharePoint to provide an amicable solution for the sorted out purpose. A full work cycle of a SharePoint implementation project will include

  • Consulting
  • Custom Designing
  • Deployment
  • Integration
  • Support


SharePoint design and deployment has never been generic, every enterprise works with its own grammar and deploying an explicit system requires skilled professionals who practice the best Microsoft practices and latest industry models. Employment of best methodologies will ensure your employees have the right data available with them, which in-turn ensures competent functioning. Be it your company’s intranet or a public-facing website, our architects design the best user experience to facilitate easy navigation. Systosoft aims and strives at the practical implementation of SharePoint for achieving these diverse needs of your business.


SharePoint Consulting includes:

  • Web Part Development
  • Problem centric design
  • Evolving work flows
  • Dashboard, Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Excel Service integration
  • Custom search integration
  • Deployment


SharePoint installations on a new server or an upgrade to a newer version are the most common episodes in the SharePoint lifecycle of an organization. Elaborate environments are immigrated with the help of best migration tools within minimal or zero downtime. We at Systosoft understand the value of an efficient, safe and secure transfer, not affecting interface, performance or running efficacy of the previously deployed system. Full-site migration or granular migration, we take care of your entire structure, content, security, workflows and actions.


SharePoint Migration includes:

  • Analysis of the source and landing server/upgrade
  • Identify and design, migration strategies
  • Designed prototypes to be tested on either of the step by step or impulsive strategies
  • Risk analysis of overall migration strategy
  • After transfer, test the migrated content in the destination
  • Re-implement the post migration tunings


SharePoint systems require constant maintenance to ensure smooth running of the deployed service. Whether you plan to develop a new workflow for an additional department, expand the existing one, or a technical failure, we follow your problems and solve them. At Systosoft, we aim at providing world class maintenance services to our clients. If you are looking for a team of talented professionals that could add value to your business by maintaining day-to-day SharePoint infrastructure, then you have come to the right place. Our trained industry experts assess your environment on mutually agreed parameters and deploy patches to maintain the efficiency of the structure.


SharePoint Maintenance Support includes:

  • Technical Support
  • Fault review and patch
  • Storage and documentation management
  • Upgrade installations
  • Maintenance of designed applications


Systosoft Infosolution brings your way a host of Data Assessment services. Through our dynamic services you can refresh, update, validate and correct all your data present in your database.

For more info please click Systosoft InfoSolutions


SharePoint Maintenance Support includes:

  • Email Append
  • Data Refining
  • Data Authentication
  • Data Licensing

SEO Services

SEO is no longer a link-building process. Architecturally sound coding, faster loading speed of the page, responsiveness of the website across devices,informative and coherent content, and popularity of the website on social media platforms are some of the determining factors for a website to the rank higher on search engines. As a professional SEO Services provider, we follow the latest SEO techniques that are not customized as per your business requisities but have also been delivering authentic results for quite some time. Avail our guaranteed SEO Services to position your business at the position your business at the top and stay ahead of the curve.


IT Contract Staffing

Systosoft headquartered in Silicon hub Bangalore & USA With an experience of nearly two decades, we are offering an illustrious Contract & Permanent Staffing service for fortune 500 companies across the globe. Our highly efficient team of professionals are highly committed to meeting any deadline of the customer’s project promptly and providing the best solution to any issue. We keep an eye on the various stages of appointing contractual staff- from the screening process till the completion of the project. We have gained the trust of clients from across the globe for providing reliable and practical Contract Staffing Consulting.

Details : At Systosoft, our Contract Staffing services allow you to add flexibility, capacity and capability without increasing fixed costs. Our highly professional legal team can help you meet short-term project or complete ongoing legal tasks more efficiently. Most of our clients also rely on our contract staffing services to fill short-term staff vacancies or when there are any work overload situations.

Key Benefits

  • High-efficiency of contractual staff
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduce costs while maintaining or increasing quality and quantity of work output
  • Lower costs by utilizing appropriate counsel for specific tasks
  • Convert proven contract legal professionals into full-time employees, if needs change Our efficient matching methodologies, rigorous screening processes and meticulous administrative controls assure success at every step — from talent selection to contract completion.
  • Our goal is to help you identify cost-saving opportunities, structure productivity gains, and generate work quality improvements. All the while fostering a highly collaborative relationship focused exclusively on your operating needs and business goals.